FRAAS Flagship Stores Teheran

“In the Sign of the Thistle” goes Middle East:
FRAAS – The Scarf Company opens two new flagship stores in Tehran, Iran

Two FRAAS stores have opened their doors in Tehran. These spacious shops will put the essense of the of the “FRAAS – The Scarf Company” brand into the spotlight – over 135 years of tradition and textile manufacturing integrated into a modern enterprise.

The stores were designed by the interior decorating company “BLOCHER BLOCHER Shops” which is specialzed in expressing brand image through architectural expertise. The central theme: The dedication of FRAAS to the craft of textiles. FRAAS is proud to manufacture many of its products in its own factories in Germany. The symbol of this pride is a plant that FRAAS has dedicated as its logo: the thistle.

The thistle is indispensible in the manufacture of soft, smooth cashmere and stands for sturdiness as well as naturalness, but also for elegance and luxury. This is also reflected in the design of each store: sleek materials and forms in black, the colours of the company’s corporate identity harmonize with warm natural hues and oak wood.
The newly opened shops have separate ladies’ and men’s sections that are accessed from an open foyer. Indirectly illuminated boxes presenting the FRAAS “Hero” articles serve as optical accents. A wooden tower in the middle of the store becomes the shop’s appetizer table when illuminated by capsule lights made with textiles that pick up on the thistle motif. One glance at the heritage wall behind the cash register familiarizes the customers with the FRAAS history in photos and hierloom items.
Andreas Schmidt, executive director and 5th generation in the FRAAS family: “The Middle East is a market with enormous potential. Iran – especially Tehran – is the perfect platform combining tradition and modernity. Our new Tehran shops are to show our love and passion for scarves, as well as our dedication to the craft of textiles and will pave the way for us into the Middle East.”