Internationality: of dust bunnies, goats and New York City

There is a theory that says: You’ll always take a piece of yourself with you, wherever you go. We believe that to be true. At the beginning of our journey around the world, we started off in our hometown Wüstenselbitz. Today, 135 years later, our sales meetings, held in this tiny corner of Franconia, sound like an international menu: Korean, Indian, Chinese, Spanish and twenty other languages are spoken. This is because our employees are scattered across the entire globe.

Our scarves, among other things, are produced in Germany. Seventy percent of our processed yarns also come from here. Our modern production facility is based in Zhangjiagang, China and we are as proud of it as we are of our employees. Icy cold Mongolia is the home of our cashmere goats, as they prefer a climate of below zero to more temperate climates. That brings us to Canada. Sorry, we always get a bit emotional here. We conquered the whole of North America from our base in Toronto. Oh yes, and then there is also our vast logistics centre in Plattsburgh, U.S.A. We also have an office in New York City, previously located on the 46th floor of the Empire State Building, today situated near Bryant Park. Did we mention Johannesburg in South Africa or Tehran in Iran? A scarf is the key accessory of young people in the Middle East – and we love that!

One man who has travelled far and wide for us is Rainer Söllner. He is responsible for purchasing one of the key raw materials in the production of our scarves: the yarn. For this task, he not only needs a valid passport, but also a keen eye. If he discovers a dust bunny on the production site, things do not look good for the supplier. If a facility is not clean, the yarn produced there is usually not of good quality either. If you want exceptional quality, you cannot skimp on the raw materials. If you “buy cheap, (you usually) buy twice.”